Claudia Kratzheller has worked as a leadership coach in the business world for over a decade, co-facilitating international Leadership trainings with clients such as Akzo Nobel, The Royal Bank of Scotland, DSM, Friesland Campina, Heineken, Tata Steel, just to name a few. Topics here were: inspiring leadership, and guiding clients to make strategic choices that serve the integrity of the individual and the company. Her company Body-Linguistics has the intelligence of the body as core value: combining the solid knowledge of 20 experience with embodied intuition and practical application in (business-) life. She is passionate about Tango, loves Contact improvisation and has been teaching and dancing both for many years. After a long career as contemporary dancer she is part of the Embodied Empowerment Network in Amsterdam and has been teaching Yoga for over a decade in various studios. 

Holistic massage treatments are part of her offer, to help people connect to their bodies integrity.

The essence of her work:

Trusting your body as compass for embodied communication, to connect, interact and enjoy thriving relationships. For the Abundance Conference she will specifically deliver a speech about the feminine and masculine energetics of Money, and how it relates to the body.


Claudia Kratzheller

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